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It is the goal of the SYC Communications Committee to use this space as a central portal to:
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While most of this information remains public, our more sensitive content is password-protected. 

If you have have lost or need your password or have recommendations for this space, please contact the SYC Communications Committee, with your name, phone number and home email (for membership verification.)

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Club photos have moved off facebook
In response to facebook changing it's rules on photo viewing by non-facebook users we have moved 2016 albums to Google. Links to all the photo albums are on our member's Photo Galleries page.

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Member Survey results 

Below is the link to the SYC Bird Survey conducted last year by George Hasler. 
We hope that some of the solutions suggested will be useful to other members.


from our new

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Frank Hart and I have been engaged in conversation with the City of Quincy Health Inspector regarding brining the pump out boat back to Quincy Bay and to Our Club. 

We have set up a scheduled for twice a month,  beginning Saturday July 12th at noon

The schedule will continue as follows:

  • July 26th at noon

  • August 9th at 10:30AM

  • August 23rd at 11AM  

  • September 20th at 9:30AM

Please be aware that the pump out boat needs to have at least seven boats in need of pump out for it to be economically feasible to come over our way.  I will be creating a sign-up sheet that will be posted on the Cruising Board  which is located on the fire door heading out to our front waterside porch.  The City will be checking in with Carolyn/Launch on the Wednesday before the scheduled pump out date to determine if we have enough boats for him to come over.  PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT THE PUMP OUT SCHEDULE IS WEATHER DEPENDANT. HIGH EAST WINDS AND WAVES will prevent the operator from coming over.  

In order to be pumped out the pump out operator is in need of specific information regarding you boat description.  The sign-up sheet will include:

  • Cellphone # of owner

  • Boat Name

  • Boat Type- Sail or  Motor

  • Length of Boat

  • Hull color

  • MS number if you know it.

  • Latitude and Longitude

  • If you have a pump out flag please fly it. 

You do not need to be on your boat at the time of the pump out if the access is on outside.  

If these times and dates do not work for you.  The Operator is available weeknights and is willing to meet in and around the area of the Nut Island Pump Station and Quincy Yacht Club.  You can simply contact Glenn Spencer at 617-908-9757 or on VHF ch. 9

One Club




Wi-Fi internet access now available at the club!
Contact the steward for the password



Notice to members:
A paper Security Watch calendar is now available at the club for sign-up.
  • The security schedule can also be viewed online in the SYC password protected area. 
  • Members should schedule the dates they will commit to cover security watch this season prior to June 1.
  • After this date the balance of the security scheduling will be assigned. 
  • Questions about Security Watch: contact Steve or Pam Beatty.



Traveling anytime soon?

SYC is a member of Yachting Club of America. As a member of this organization, SYC members can visit other member yacht clubs throughout the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands. You will need your Reciprocal Courtesy Card (sent with your 2009 SYC Membership Card) and 2009 SYC Membership Card to visit other member clubs. 

For a list of Yachting Club of America clubs, visit:


A Message on Quincy Ordinances 

First, if you are new to the waters of Quincy, please make sure that you fill out a 2BE-1State Tax form at the Quincy Assessors Office. This is a boat declaration form, naming your homeport for tax purposes. While at city hall you can fill out the 2009 Mooring Permi t and leave it with the tax collectors office, where I will pick them up for processing.

If you have been moored in Quincy in the past you should have received an Excise Tax Bill. All boaters that are on the list for Excise will receive a mooring permit with their tax bill. If you need a copy of the permit, some will be available at local yacht clubs and marinas. You must file a Mooring Permit application every year. Permits when the taxes have been paid. If you did not receive a tax bill, it is your responsibility to insure that your taxes are paid. Any vessel that has been sold must be removed from the list by the owner. You must call the Environment Police and cancel the vessels registration. If the registration has expired it does not remove you from the list, you still must remove the vessel from the list. Please again remember, if you have a vessel registered in your name, you will receive a tax bill until you cancel the registration. Boats sold, destroyed or transferred to another state will receive a bill if you do not cancel the registration.

Second, when registering your vessel you can declare a homeport (this is where you moor your vessel not where it is registered from). This information is helpful with the issuing of tax bills. 

Third, the Quincy Police Marine Unit will be running boater safety classes at the Houghs Neck Maritime Center. Call for times and dates. You can also check the Environmental Police web site for other class locations. Boaters are asked to attend a safe boating course to insure that proper boating etiquette and the rules of the road are understood. Have a safe summer!


SYC Function Hall Rental

The season for Hall Rentals will be May 14th thru Oct 14th

  • There is a folder in the bar with contracts and rules and regulations.

  • There will be a calendar posted for reservations.



Please be sure you are familiar with the SYC Mooring Rules

It is that time of year again when folks are getting ready for the off season, which includes setting up winter moorings.  Please be sure that you are abiding by the club rules on moorings as posted in the SYC RESOURCES section of this site. CLICK HERE to open the rules document with your SYC members password